Our Services:

Secure IT Disposal Service

Future Generation Disposals offers a comprehensive IT disposal solution, which can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Some of our key IT disposal service offerings are listed below:

  • Flexible Collection Times and Dates: We work around our clients schedule and strive to fit in with their working day.
  • Our Own Team Perform Collections: Our team removes redundant equipment from within the building and no client preparation is necessary.
  • GPS Tracked Vehicles: For added security our vehicles are GPS tracked and monitored in real time.
  • CESG Approved Data Erasure: We only use industry leading software that has been CESG approved.
  • Physical Destruction Service: We operate a hard drive crusher that can physically destroy up to 200 hard drives per hour.
  • Asset Recovery Service: Our emphasis is on reuse rather than IT recycling. We endeavor to pass back a financial return and reduce our client's costs.
  • Responsible IT Recycling: Should it not be possible to reuse redundant IT equipment it is recycled in accordance with current environmental legislation.
  • IT Asset Tracking: During the processing and testing phase our clients assets are securely stored within our warehouse and each asset, including hard drives are tracked.
  • Portal Access: Our clients can securely login to our portal and view historic and live data relating to their IT assets.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: IT asset reports, data destruction certificates, erasure reports and environmental certification is provided.

Secure Data Erasure & Data Destruction

Future Generation Disposals understands that our client's data destruction and erasure requirements vary. We therefore offer a variety of solutions that can be combined and performed both on and off site.

Secure Data Erasure

When performed correctly and with approved software, data erasure is often considered the most secure, cost effective and environmentally sound method of data destruction.

Future Generation Disposals erases hard drives using CESG approved wiping software. It is possible to supply our clients with individual, automatically produced data erasure certificates detailing specifics such as hard drive serial number, level of erasure and drive capacity. Our data erasure process guarantees that no data remains on the hard drives, enabling them to be reused rather than physically destroyed.

The data wiping software Future Generation Disposals operates is capable of erasing information from traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and also more recent solid-state drives (SSD). This includes drives contained within mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Secure Data Destruction

There are occasions when data wiping is not suitable due to hard drives not functioning or security demands of business. Future Generation Disposals responds to this and offers a hard drive physical destruction service.

Please view this video to see the hard drive destruction process in action:

Our hard drive destruction service is two phased. Firstly the platters on the hard drive are destroyed and rendered completely unreadable by our fully automated hard drive-crushing machine. A solid steel punch delivers in excess of five tonnes of force to bend, mangle, pierce drive housing and platters. Following the crushing process the destroyed hard drives are securely transported to our refining partner for smelting and re-use as raw material.

We can also assist with the destruction of data located within media other than hard drives. This includes CD's, DVD's, Floppy Drives, Flash Drives and Tapes. This media is securely shredded and as with all of our data destruction services a comprehensive data destruction report is supplied.

The data erasure and destruction services are performed by trained Future Generation Disposals engineers who have received criminal background checks and been security cleared. We also welcome our clients to our secure processing facility to view our destruction procedures should they select an off site service.

Decommissioning & Installation

Future Generation Disposals offer IT decommissioning and IT installation services that compliment our IT Disposal solutions.

IT Decommissioning Services

Our team manages the entire process, which saves significant time, substantially cuts costs and reduces risks by having one supplier take responsibility for decommissioning, data wiping, removal from site and the resale of any assets.

The services offered can be adopted within a desktop or data centre environment. We cater for projects of all sizes, ranging from a small quantity of desktops for relocation through to the decommissioning and clearance of large data centres.

Many of the projects we undertake are funded by the value achieved from reselling the redundant equipment and often a positive financial return is achieved.

IT Installation Service

Whether a business requires new equipment to be installed and have the packaging removed from site and recycled, or have current equipment installed following a move, our skilled engineers and team are here to assist.

Future Generation Disposals has the infrastructure and expertise in place to cater for all types of IT installation requirements. Our team specialises in swiftly installing desktop equipment and racking data centre assets but work with our clients to determine what level of assistance is required and devise a cost effective and efficient plan.

Our engineers can work under the supervision of our client or we can supply a dedicated project manager. Work can be completed during or out of normal working hours and we believe in being flexible and adapting to our client's needs.

IT Relocation Service

Future Generation Disposals offers a secure, cost effective and professional IT relocation service. We have extensive experience in relocating desktop and data centre equipment within the UK and throughout the world.

Our service includes the supply of appropriate packaging, asset tracking and relocation directly from situ. We can utilise a variety of vehicles, apparatus and relocation methods, including our own GPS tracked vehicles. Our extensive insurance cover enables us to transport the most valuable of IT hardware and our working practices ensure it arrives onsite in one piece and on time.

We appreciate that project requirements change swiftly, so we believe flexibility is key and can respond at a moments notice. Our IT relocation services can be tailored to your individual requirements and often used alongside other services within our portfolio.

Secure Storage

Future Generation Disposals offers a cost effective and secure IT storage service. All assets that enter our facility are recorded and logged into our asset management system, so we know exactly where an asset is at anytime.

We operate a large secure warehouse, which includes designated areas for pallet and racked storage. Security is paramount to our business so CCTV surveillance, state of the art alarm systems and external security ensure that any equipment or data in storage is protected.

Changes within a business can mean that secure storage space is required and space can often be at a premium. Our team can attend site, package and remove the IT equipment and then place it into secure storage for any period of time. We work with our clients to create the most cost effective and suitable logistics and storage service possible.

For further information on this or any related services please contact us.